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An unexpected trip: Kenya

After I came back from my 3 months trip in US & Europe, I thought I would not travel anymore this year. However, I had the chance to come to Africa before 2013 ends. I am sure lots of people wonder how I end up being in Kenya. In brief, I am having my working holiday here. 

In Oct 2013, I was hired by an Kenyan born Indian businessman as an interpreter at Canton Fair, in Guangzhou, China. I guess I have done an excellent job and being very helpful to him, later on he gave me an offer that I work in Nairobi to help out some Chinese engineers, to be their interpreter. Free tickets, a small amount of salary, free accommodation, an opportunity to see Africa, what do I need more? I work for 15 days and I can decide when to leave, so I make it one month here. 

Africa, a continent that I barely know about. Before this trip started, I, as an outsider, was excited and scared. I actually did not really read much about this country as I want to learn about this place with my own perception, not others.  I have years of experience of travelling, I am sure I will be fine. I will learn something new, get to know different culture and people. Let the adventure begin!