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My Golden Birthday

Golden Birthday is the birthday when you turn the same age as your birthdate. December 23, 2011 was my golden birthday. This was a birthday that I would always remember. It was so different from those I had before. I did not have bunch of friends around, no party at all. All I had was the nature. Breathing extremely cold air, I woke up on the top of Mount. Huangshan, where James Cameron cited as one of his influences in designing the fictional world of Avatar.

For the first time in my life, I saw snowing, although it was not significant.

I felt as if I was in Alice's wonderland.

I felt like I was walking in Alice’s wonderland. The whole scenery was so scared.

I was also very blessed that I had my friend from the US – Josh around.  We have been travelling together for almost 10 days,  which makes me feel like we have been with each other for a very long time. During the time we spent together, we found each other frustrating sometimes, other than that, we had a pleasant time together.

I really enjoyed his company. He is fun and knowledgeable, always making me laugh.  I was kinda used to travelling on my own when I was in the US. I found it very different when I have someone around.  Anyway, he did not know Chinese at all, I was in charge of most issues. And unavoidably, I made mistakes sometimes.

When we were going down hill, I took the wrong trail accidentally, which led us to a very remote area. I was so surprised that I found a place in China where I could hardly see a single person.  After walking 4KM, we finally saw a van driving by.

After the wrong trail, we were literally "on the road".
Literally we were “on the road.”

I was so amazed that I still can find a place in China without much pollution. I am living in the city, basically if I am luck enough, I would have 4-5 days blue sky in a week. Everything is so polluted in China, looking at the blue sky is a spiritual comfort for me.  Quality of life in China is deplorable, for which I feel so sorry for myself and my fellow people.

 I constantly think about 2Pac’s lyric “Why am I fighting to live, if I’m just living to fight. ” Getting one step closer to the heaven, I hope that there will be more changes. And thanks for the birthday wishes, I feel so blessed.