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Second Stop: Boston – My favorite city in United States

Boston is definitely my favorite city in United States. Before I went there, I was hesitating if I should stay in New York City for another few more days or go to Washingtong DC directly. I am so glad that I made it to Boston. Boston is not as busy as New York City, yet it does have its historical attraction. People are so nice that they would show me around the city even we did not know each other before. What a pity that I haven’t had enough time spending in Boston. I hope I will be visiting this lovely city soon again.

I am a couchsurfer. This is my couch in Boston. It is in a basement. Although it is just a air mattress, it is comfy enough make me want to stay in bed for the whole day.

A pathway leads me to the road.

This is the house that I was staying in. You can find historic buildings in Boston easily.

Of course, historic churches can be seen all over the city. This is just an unknown church next to where I stayed.

Boston Common

This nice young gentleman named Harry, he took me to his favorite retaurant – Eastern Standard. I, of course, tried the fresh raw oyster.

Harvard University

Charles River. I really enjoyed taking a walk across the river.




First stop: New York City

Finally I made it to the United States, I choose NYC as my first stop as the stories about NYC are so overwhelming in China. New York is a cool city but it is not as cool I thought. This metropolitan city gives me the impression that it is so convenient to live in here. There is always something going on in this city, 24 hours, non-stop.  Totally I spent 10 days in the Big Apple.

First night in NYC. Before I got the airplane, I was worried that I would not be able to get to the place that I stayed in, because I had never been out of Asia before. Though I can speak English, I wasn’t sure if the local could understand me. I am so grateful that I could stay in a place with such great view in Manhattan, which was so accessable to everything.

A concrete jungle where dreams are made of, Manhattan, NY

Flee Market in Brooklyn. These things ain’t cheap at all.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York.  This is where Gossip Girls have lunch.

I thought I would be drinking more than I did at home, but it turned out that I only drank a little bit in America.

Lost in translation, Time Square, NY


All the blessing in St John Chruch.


Visiting the nightclubs is a must in NY. This is club Cielo, which is introduced in my Lonely Planet.

Sacred Riverside Chruch

Back to Manhattan

Central Park is one of my favorite spots in NY, and the Lake is one of my favorite spots in Central Park.

Did you find your lucky number?

Hydrangea in Columbia University